Friday, 6 June 2008

JUNE 2008 MIX!!!

Over 1000 downloads for the May mixes & only 15 comments & only 2 donations received since April!! Receiving comments gives me the incentive to do more mixes. For your information if you sign up with Rapidshare I don't get any money for that, signing up with Rapidshare just removes the waiting time restriction.

Even though the new site isn't completed yet you can still hire us to play at your event/venue - Remember we are based in the UK & we don't charge a fee to DJ outside of the UK, all we ask is that you make the necessary travel & hotel arrangements, for more information drop me an email.

How About Giving Something Back
A lot of work goes into these mixes so if you’re feeling generous & you like what you’re downloading then how about leaving a donation? I have to pay to host these audio files. In return you get an exclusive mix & also good Karma - I'VE ONLY RECEIVED 2 DONATIONS SINCE APRIL :(

DOWNLOAD Vibin_Presents_-_June_2008_RnB_Mix (want the tracklistings? Email me)


Anonymous said...

Comme d'habitude de la bombe de bombe de bombe. Cimer bone continuation.


Anonymous said...


jonesr66 said...


Daaaamnn! Dogg you drop the beats in a tight way I get lost for words.



Neville from Trinidad and Tobago said...

Love the June opener .... smooth and sassy ... great interweave ... nice glide into change of pace ... and I like the drive from Track 16 ...

Another scintillating mix (easy on the hardcore!!!)

Bruno said...

Hey CJ,
great damn mix ! I almost liked all the mix. From the first song very smooth to the end, very good selection.
Great job, thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

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Here you can allso drop your mixes..
I will post them.. NO Deeplinkin`

DaDexter - The Mixdiggerz

Anonymous said...

Really appreciating you taking your time out to provide us wid these quality mixes. From coming across this site I am now desperate to get myself to Baby Blue on a Sunday night.

Dave from Wolves

Patsky said...

Waoooo!!!! Waoooo!!!!
Great mix man. Very good job. I love all the mix. Please don't stop.
Thank you to gives us good vibe like that.

Anonymous said...

Great taste, song selection, and tight mixes!

keep postin the gems.


Anonymous said...

CJ, This is a great mix!!! Scott

bishop said...

Love the June mix great flow from start to finish .

Anonymous said...

great mix! keep it up!