Thursday, 3 April 2008


New Site & New Mix
I've been working on a new site since November 2007. I was 98% finished then disaster struck. I put the entire site on a USB pen then dropped the bloody pen in water! I dried the pen out but Windows kept on seeing the pen as an external CD instead of a hard disk so I lost everything & because I had the entire site on the pen I didn't have a backup copy on my PC or laptop, back to bloody square 1! Instead of designing a brand new site I’m going to use one of my old designs. I’m not giving a go live date because you can guarantee some shit will happen before the new site goes up.

Got A Question – Then Email Me
If you want to ask me a question email me don’t put your question in the comments box, a lot of you don’t leave an email address so I can’t get back to you.

Single Releases
A few people have asked about me putting up new releases on the blog – why? The new releases are in the mixes! I tried to put new releases up when I first started this blog but they were taken down in a few hours after receiving a complaint, this is why I don’t feature the track listings anywhere on the site – too many mixes have been removed due to complaints received.

How About Giving Something Back
A lot of work goes into these mixes so if you’re feeling generous & you like what you’re downloading then how about leaving a donation? I have to pay to host these audio files. In return you get an exclusive mix & also good Karma :)

Right that’s enough talk here’s the mix Vibin_Presents_-_April_2008_Podcast.mp3

Want the tracklistings? Email me….. ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

Do you still have a list of the titles? I looked around and didn't find one but maybe I missed it

Anonymous said...

good stuff, just found this site and loving it so far.
great mix keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear some different mixes. I'm a hip hop mix DJ and only dabble in other genres. This right here is a tight mix. Keep doing your thing.

DJ Guzl

Anonymous said...

Whats up money? I been a fan of yours since 2004. I only listened to the mix once so far but it was tight as usual. FYI I really preferred the old site, even though I know you had some problems with it. It really showcased your personality. Dont get me wrong though, this is cool and im sure easier to maintain.
Like I said im a long time fan. Keep the old school comin too! Those are your signature joints.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, your mixes are the bomb