Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Time To Get Soulful With A New Mix!!!!!

Glad you all liked the last mix - now for something completely different! As you know I love my music & if you've been downloading my mixes then you should know the type of music I'm in to - So open your mind, turn up the volume & get lost in Vibin's Soul Heaven Mix.

If you need the tracklistings email me, don't forget to leave a comment.


jonesr66 said...


Thanks for the new flavored mix.

Slammin dogg slammin



Big Jack said...

Slammin´....U really got me with this one...do u want a gig in copenhagen??

thirtyfourandrising said...

Tops as always CJ. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Always on Top! March is being really easy listening to ur mixes...Thx for the tracklists!
Pete (SPAIN)

Anonymous said...

I dont like it. Your mixes have been lacking lately.. i dont like them anymore. Hope to see some improvement! get your act together!

Anonymous said...

what happend to the old vibin store?

Bruno said...

Thanks for the mix CJ, it's good, really damn good, specially the first songs.

Miguel said...

Hey! A comment to say you continue!!! Beautiful songs like i love it! you should put many mixes every week! Miguel

Anonymous said...

Will You put some any new releases?? Or is this really END of Vibin??
Peter (DJ 9T8) (Poland)