Thursday, 24 April 2008


April has been a really busy month, hence the delay in getting this mix to you. A lot of people commented that the selection of songs weren’t as good as the March mix. When i do theses mixes I choose the songs that I like - not what’s popular, give it a few weeks & you'll like these tracks also. Thanks to everybody who left a comment or got in touch.


Even though the new site isn't completed yet you can still hire us to play at your event/venue - Remember we are based in the UK & we don't charge a fee to DJ outside of the UK, all we ask is that you make the necessary travel & hotel arrangements, for more information drop me an email.

How About Giving Something Back
A lot of work goes into these mixes so if you’re feeling generous & you like what you’re downloading then how about leaving a donation? I have to pay to host these audio files. In return you get an exclusive mix & also good Karma - I'VE YET TO RECEIVE A DONATION :(

Right here’s the mix Vibin_Presents_-_May_2008_Podcast.mp3 LEAVE A COMMENT

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Anonymous said...

Thank's cj good work...for the first time a touch of dancehall! When i listen to your "carat"(gem) i say this guy loves music, it's not a "deja vu"...keep on movin'

chris From france

jonesr66 said...


The beats just keep comin, the flow of the beats every month just gives us something different.

You are da man!

Keep up the excellent work it is very much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

... and the sweet rhythm continues .... into the night ...
As is your norm, that special CJ vybe blows all competition away ...

Neville from Trinidad

Tom said...

Hey CJ,

Excellent mix...again! ;-)
And it seems like your podcast is connecting the world ;-)

Greetings from Australia,

DOX187 said...

super mix... i don´t have to comment your mixes... because they are all great.... !!!! ;-) maby you can send my the track list to my email and if you want you can send me always the tracklist from your new mixes... would be great!!


And peace out! said...

I love it specially the first track

Anonymous said...

Really feelin it...good music!
Canary Islands

koning baviaan said...

thanks! appreciate your work

Anonymous said...

pure sickness for may as usual.

Anonymous said...

luvin your work dude!!! this is the kind of music and mixes that ive been trying to look for!

Keep it up! from down under

Alex fom Oztralia