Saturday, 2 August 2008


OK brand new mix for August is ready for download!

If you make a donation this is what you get:

1. 2 mixes a month - the second mix will not be available via this site.
2. Download new mixes instantly (no Rapidshare waiting time)
3. Tracklisting for each mix emailed to you

From now on tracklisting will only be given to people who have made a donation. Enjoy the mix & let me know what you think of it.

If you fancy leaving a donation click the donation button - download the new mix


Anonymous said...

would be nice to have .cue file to separate each track as more incentive to donate..

jonesr66 said...


You are seriously raising the game - the flavas and the mixing leave me lost for words.

I really appreciate your time and efforts man - like I say always got my support!

Top top top mix again!!!!!




Anonymous said...

Dope mix, dope tracks !!
Can anyone please tell me what's the track after The Game - Pain (Remix) ??
Also does anyone know what's the track before Rock City - She's So Gone in July Mix ???

Anonymous said...

I don't like the new politik of CJ.
In the beginning, he wanted comments et now he wants money.
And he never answers the mails. Before he was asking for a donation, I asked him for a tracklisting but he said nothing. And now I see he wants a donation for giving a tracklisting.
There are so many websites with good mixtapes.
See ya CJ. Thanks for all you did these last years and maybe I'll comeback one day, if you give up this new politic of yours.

Anonymous said...

A donation can be $1, is that a lot to ask?

Anonymous said...

What is the minimum donation?

Anonymous said...

Nice mix of songs. I really don't care about the name of the second song, can someone tell me who the artist is that sung it

dox187 said...


i hear your tracks since 4 years and they are still "hot"
Love it!

go on....
thx and gby