Thursday, 22 November 2007


I’ve been in touch with the guys that hosted Vibin & they have suspended the site because those lovely people at the RIAA complained that I put up an R.Kely track. I can totally understand their position & I have to thank them for the free service they offered me. Can anyone help me to host Vibin? If not then I won’t be able to feature the latest releases because I’ll have nowhere to host the audio files. If no one can help then I’ll probably just have to stick to podcasts, this isn’t good because they take so long to do.

If can help me can you
email me via this email address – the site generates about 1GB of bandwidth a day. You should also start using to access this site as & will no longer be active in a few days.


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Anonymous said...

hey, i love what you have done to the site..i think im one of your biggest fans and to me it doesnt matter what shape or color this site comes in so long as u keep representin with em hot songs... im surprised that some people dislike this idea..why should they care when they are still gettin good music???? ur right u cant please all of us....but that shuldnt be your worry just keep em coming, 1) i have no idea how to help you, wish i could but IT isnt my speciality *sad face* (2) none of the songs work? is this part of the suspension? if yes then that sucks........hope u find a solution fast coz i dont know of any other site that posts hippie songs like you do..tonnes of kisses for that!