Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Looks like I was right when I said you can’t please everybody, 20 people hate the new site – I bet the 20 that voted keep on coming back though! Anyway got a mini update for you all, it’s getting harder & harder to find some decent tracks this time of year hence the small(ish) update. However to make up for it I’ve done a new mix/podcast for you ….. BACK IN THE DAY PART.1 - a collection of big 80’s tunes featuring the likes of Rene & Angela, Cameo, Five Star & James Ingram, hope you all like it.

I’m off to New York this Friday (16th) for 6 nights so I might be a bit slow responding to emails even though I’ll be taking my laptop. Let me know what you think of the tracks & podcasts by leaving a comment. Only 1 person has left a comment!!! If I get no feedback then is it worth me putting the effort in? I might as well go back to updating once a month.


Wyclef Jean Feat Serj Tankian & Sizzla - Trouble Again
R. Kelly - Crazy
One Chance - Take It All Off For Me
Marques Houston Feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Fizz - Playah
Jill Scott Feat MC Lyte - Hate On Me (Remix)
JC Feat. Young Rell - Go
Illoquint Feat Portia & S.K - Radio
Freeway Feat. 50 Cent - Take It To The Top
Erykah Badu - Honey
David Chance - Come N Live
Danity Kane Feat. Lil Wayne - Phase
Chris Brown Feat.T-Pain & Nelly - Kiss Kiss Remix (Remix)
Brick & Lace - Mr. Officer
Brick & Lace - Boyfriend
Brandy - Ryde Or Die
Omarion & Kat DeLuna - Cut Off Time
DJ Envy & Red Cafe Feat. Nina Sky - Things You Do
Noelle - Break Up
Anthony Hamilton - Do You Feel Me


Anonymous said...


I like the new site. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I've been following your site for a while. I appreciate your effort. Keep doin' what you love. All the best.
One Love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting in so much effort, the blog is much better!

Keep it up,


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are AMAZING! You have some of the best mixes I've ever heard. Thanks for the great music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the latest up date, I always check the site and have come across loads of music i wouldnt of been aware of, the blog is great, the more updates you kindly do the better, don't let the lack of feedback get you pissed i bet everyone appreciattes the effort you put in. Thanks Tom

Anonymous said...


Just writing to say I really appreciate all the work you've done to keep this site up and running. Without it I have no idea where all the good music would come from.
Keep it up and I'll always keep on coming back for more
Oh yeah one more thing please don't go back to posting once a month.... i love the way things are right now

jules =)

Anonymous said...

Nice one !

Anonymous said...

Thanks from France for all your effort.
Keep your good vibes


K. said...

Let the haters hate... I think the new site is sick!!! Your site has been my number one source for whatz new and hot in the world of R&B. Keep doing your thang... itz much appreciated.

Ant said...

This is hot! Nice update. The blog rocks.

Anonymous said...

I found this site by acident and im so glad i did! I love the new idea, keep it coming! keep up the good work

Mandy R said...

I am getting used to the new site. I thought the old one was good anyway. I used to look forward to to monthly updates and the fact you could buy some of the tracks from the store. Now I keep checking everyday!!

Please can we have more new stuff available to buy - I want it now!!

Thanks for your hard work. It is greatly appreciated!!


blog said...

Thanks for consistently keeping the good tracks coming!


Wildchild said...

I Check your efforts on a regular
Because your 'The Man', so let the Haters Hate!.

The stuff you bang out is smooth, informertive and "1 Step a head".

Peace n Love

Anonymous said...

I miss the old site, but not complaining....

Thanks for the beatzzz...

Anonymous said...

This is strange...i cant seem to play the tracks anymore...

thirtyfourandrising said...

Hi, I'm a new reader of this blog, but I won't be for long - it's the bomb!!

Being 38 and very "old school", I loved your Back In The Day mix. Fantastic stuff. Enjoyed the Soulful House too. Thanks for your efforts, I hope you have the time to keep it up.

Peace, Greg (Bedfordshire, UK)